Kit Ts Jasmine Champagne Cocktail

Kit Ts Jasmine Champagne Cocktail

For a classic champagne cocktail mix our jasmine tea with some bitters and chilled champagne. Serve garnished with an orange twist and the Kit Ts agar white pearls


Preparation and Cooking Time 

Prep Time: 25 minutes 

Total Time: 25 minutes 

Servings: 2 





  1. Infuse the tea bag in 30ml of hot water for 20 mins. Let it cool down for the next step. 
  2. In a champagne glass, place the sugar cube at the base. 
  3. Add bitters and the infused Kit Ts jasmine tea together with the tea bag. Shake and allow it to sit for about 4 minutes. 
  4. Remove the Jasmine tea bag and top with chilled champagne. Twist the orange peel over the surface of the glass.
  5. Top it with our agar white pearls to serve. 


Recipe Notes 

The Kit Ts jasmine tea is aromatic with our special blend. Simply infuse the tea bag in hot water, let cool and add in your drinks to create a jasmine flavoured drink. Or simply enjoy a cup of jasmine tea on its own. The agar white pearls is a topping that you can use in any drink, it’s a translucent with a chewy texture - a topping that is perfect to go with drinks that you love!

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