Kit Ts Zombie Brain Cocktail Recipe

Kit Ts Zombie Brain Cocktail Recipe

The “secret” to this shot is the Baileys and how it reacts to other alcohol.

This totally creepy and absolutely cool zombie brain shot is the ultimate Halloween drink recipe. And it’s as fun to make it with popping pearls that you usually see in bubble tea! 

Do you dare to take this challenge to mix the Kit Ts popping pearls into this Halloween cocktail? 

Kit Ts Halloween Drink



1. Add Peach Schnapps
Fill a double shot glass up to about 1/2 full with peach schnapps.

2. Pour the Baileys on top
Place a small spoon over the top of the shot glass, upside down, and pour the Baileys on top so that it slides off the back of the spoon (doing this makes the Baileys fan out further while pouring, resulting in larger clumps in the shot glass).

*Make a small layer of Baileys, about 1/4 the size of the shot glass. See above image for example.

3. Syrup Time
Holding the strawberry syrup a few inches above the shot glass, add a few dashes of syrup, trying to aim for the bigger clumps of Baileys. Keep an eye on how the Baileys is reacting in the shot glass so that you get the “zombie brain”

4. Add Texture to Drink
Add popping pearls if you want extra texture in your shot.
Drink and enjoy (if you dare!)

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