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Instant Tapioca Pearl

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1 bag contains 13 packets of instant tapioca pearls  (each packet 50g)



Want to enjoy the delicious and chewy tapioca pearls or boba instantly but don’t have time to cook them? We have the solution for you!

Get our Instant Tapioca Pearl! Ready to devour in 1 minute! Simple and easy and taste as great!


Instant Tapioca Pearl preparation:
1. Empty sachet of instant pearls into a cup of hot water and place in microwave for 30 seconds. 

2. Remove from microwave carefully, give a stir, drain the tapioca pearl. Run in cold water for 15 seconds if you want them extra chewy.

3. Ready to be served in your favourite drink!

Our instant tapioca pearls are quick to soften and taste just like the one from store-bought bubble tea.
Tapioca pearls are often found in bubble tea drinks but also are great as a topping for frozen yogurt or desserts. It is very popular because of its chewy texture.

Follow our recipes to cook your own pearls and mix your milk tea just the way you like it!


Lets learn how to care for your ingredients:

Syrup and toppings (popping pearls, coconut jelly and cooked tapioca pearls) must be refrigerated and consumed within 7 days after opening.
Tea bags, flavoured powder,  must be stored in cool dry place, avoid sunlight. Consume within 14 days.


Add 6 to cart, discount automatically applied at checkout. This offer applies on combination of syrup, coconut jelly & popping pearls as well.


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Available on combination of syrup, coconut jelly & popping pearls.

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